MB-19635: Initialise failovers correctly from 2.5.x vbstate
[ep-engine.git] / Doxyfile
2013-06-04 Mike WiederholdMerge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/2.0.2' 89/26689/2
2013-05-07 abhinavdangetiMB-7966 IOManager integration with KVShard
2012-08-27 Mike WiederholdMB-6141: Update doxygen config with correct source...
2010-12-23 Dustin SallingsMinor doxygen updates.
2010-11-22 Dustin SallingsMerge remote branch 'origin/refresh'
2010-11-18 Dustin SallingsMerge branch 'refresh' 1.6.4r
2010-11-16 Dustin SallingsMerge remote branch 'origin/refresh'
2010-11-15 Dustin SallingsSome toplevel doc updates.
2010-09-13 Dustin SallingsRemoving the collaboration graph from doxy.
2010-07-24 Dustin SallingsMerge branch 'z'
2010-07-03 Dustin SallingsMerge branch 'z' (stability, performance, size)
2010-06-23 Dustin SallingsDon't build LaTeX docs.
2010-06-22 Dustin SallingsUnify StoredValue constructors. - fixes bug 1481 1.6.0a2 1.6.0beta1rc1
2010-06-19 Dustin SallingsAdded doxygen.