2015-01-21 abhinavdangetiMB-12924: [Observe] Do not return keyStats for a temp... 65/44365/6
2014-11-18 Sriram GanesanMB-12706: clear temporary item id on an add operation 83/43383/2
2014-11-17 Mike Wiederhold[BP] Fix memory leak in vbucket deletion 03/43303/2
2014-11-12 Chiyoung Seo[BP] MB-10406 Unlock a locked item on replica vbucket... 46/43146/3
2014-09-12 Chris HilleryCumulative hotfix for Includes changes from... 82/41382/2
2014-02-22 Chiyoung SeoMB-10277 Fix to the memory corruption bug in TOUCH... 48/33848/3 v2.5.1
2014-02-14 Chiyoung SeoMB-10059 Set a backfilled QueuedItem's rev_seq from... 03/33503/3
2014-02-14 Chiyoung SeoMB-10059 Remove the unnecessary check in getting a... 02/33502/3
2014-02-14 Chiyoung SeoMB-10059 Don't create a new rev_seq for a new item... 01/33501/3
2014-01-24 Chiyoung SeoMB-9953 Replace the old queued_item instance with the... 16/32816/2
2014-01-23 Chiyoung SeoMB-9953 Correct a rev_seqno type to uint64_t 75/32775/2
2014-01-21 Sundar Sridharan[BP] MB-9692 Handle MutationLog lseek errors gracefully 97/32697/3
2014-01-18 Chiyoung SeoMB-9800 Always respond to CHECKPOINT_PERSISTENCE throug... 10/32610/2
2014-01-16 Chiyoung SeoMB-9938 Fix to the deadlock in doing the bg fetch job. 61/32561/2
2014-01-16 Chiyoung SeoMB-9693 Return ENGINE_SUCCESS if an item is updated... 72/32472/2
2014-01-16 Chiyoung SeoMB-9693 Check the vbucket existence only upon a bg... 71/32471/2
2014-01-16 Chiyoung SeoMB-9693 Don't evict a temp item whose state is in TEMP_... 70/32470/2
2014-01-11 Mike WiederholdMB-9693: Re-map enoent to not my vbucket for failed... 32/31832/5
2014-01-10 Sundar SridharanMB-9864: Reset access log if less then header size 03/31803/3
2014-01-08 Chiyoung SeoMB-9852 Notify pending connection when a pending vb... 03/31703/2
2013-12-24 Mike WiederholdMB-9423: Add a 30 second timeout to cbepctl and cbstats 73/31273/3
2013-11-28 Chiyoung SeoMB-9161 Reset engine_specific to NULL when chk_persiste... 77/30677/2
2013-11-23 Sundar SridharanMB-9618 Release engine handle before CCCP callback 92/30492/4
2013-11-19 Mike WiederholdMB-9311: Notify all the pending connections on vbucket... 53/30353/3
2013-11-14 Chiyoung SeoMB-9549 Fix to the memory leak in GetAndUpdateTTL 03/30303/5
2013-11-14 Chiyoung SeoMB-9203 Always reset the open checkpoint upon resetting... 02/30302/3
2013-11-14 Chiyoung SeoMB-9532 Find a new compacted file upon receiving a... 01/30301/2
2013-10-31 Sundar SridharanMB-9434: prevent deadlock between flusher & stats 00/29900/3
2013-10-31 abhinavdangetiMB-8727: Cluster Configuration Carrier Publication 84/29684/19
2013-10-30 abhinavdangetiMB-8187: chk_items estimate only for MUTATION/DELs 82/29882/5
2013-10-30 abhinavdangetiMB-8244: Unit test fix in fetching-worker-stats 56/29856/4
2013-10-29 Sundar SridharanMB-9147: lseek can return 0 if the file has no len 43/29843/2
2013-10-29 dliaoMB-8024: Fix to the BackfillRemaining stat overflow 36/29836/5
2013-10-26 Sundar Sridharanfor MB-7230: state why access log was seen corrupt 68/29768/2
2013-10-23 Sundar SridharanMB-9306 Fix v->isDirty assertion due to race 99/29699/3
2013-10-23 abhinavdangetiMB-9098: Acquire lock to retrieve list size 87/29687/2
2013-09-04 Trond NorbyeMB-9044: fixup check for stats.json existence 84/28784/2
2013-09-02 Chiyoung SeoMB-9000 Retry open_db operation with the create option. 17/28717/3
2013-08-30 Trond NorbyeMB-9015 Return the items CAS value from touch 69/28569/3
2013-08-29 Chiyoung SeoMB-8530 Non-blocking checkpoint stats call for all... 54/28554/4
2013-08-29 Mike WiederholdMB-8992: Unlock a locked key when deleting with the... 45/28645/2
2013-08-27 Sundar SridharanMB-8960 New operational stats for setWithMeta ops 88/28588/6
2013-08-24 Sundar SridharanMB-8955 Prevent ExTask starvation: order by taskId 50/28550/4
2013-08-23 Aliaksey ArtamonauMB-100 Fix compilation on gcc 4.8. 23/28523/2
2013-08-22 Chiyoung SeoMB-8930 Stat for max number of bg fetches in the queue... 90/28490/3
2013-08-22 Chiyoung SeoMB-8869 Use atomic queue to push notifications for... 64/28464/3
2013-08-21 Chiyoung SeoMB-8890 Fix to the incorrect check for deleted/non... 28/28428/3
2013-08-21 Chiyoung SeoMB-8530 Set TAP paused flag upon returning TAP_PAUSE... 24/28424/2
2013-08-20 Mike WiederholdMB-8890: Remove assertion for deleted/non-existent... 03/28403/3
2013-08-20 Chiyoung SeoMB-8825 Use seq num and cas only for delete conflict... 98/28398/2
2013-08-20 Chiyoung SeoMB-8861 Increase the number of vbucket / tap producer... 83/28383/2
2013-08-20 Chiyoung SeoMB-100 Correct the tap notification task name 82/28382/2
2013-08-18 Chiyoung SeoMB-8861 Schedule a tap connection notification through... 34/28334/4
2013-08-17 Sundar SridharanMB-8657 Fix the number of workers to be matched for... 25/28325/3
2013-08-17 Mike WiederholdMB-8861: Release bucket lock before queueing a dirty... 19/28319/9
2013-08-16 Mike WiederholdMB-8825: Add stat to keep track of conflict resolution... 71/28271/2
2013-08-16 Mike WiederholdMB-8828: Check memory condition before returning enomem... 69/28269/2
2013-08-15 Chiyoung SeoMB-8846 Use std::set instead of unordered::set. 57/28257/2
2013-08-14 Chiyoung SeoMB-8798 Remove dead conns by iterating the conn list... 07/28107/5
2013-08-14 abhinavdangetiMB-8453 Maintain the TAP connection list for each vbucket 72/27972/8
2013-08-14 Jin LimMB-8679 Add pendingVbs queue to bgfetcher 78/27178/5
2013-08-13 Sundar SridharanRevert "Revert "MB-8581 Continue warmup after loading... 52/28152/2
2013-08-13 Bin CuiMB-100: Fix build error on windows. 49/28149/4
2013-08-12 Phil LabeeRevert "MB-8581 Continue warmup after loading access_log." 41/28141/2
2013-08-10 Jin LimMB-8657 fix total number of threads allocated for MRW 96/28096/3
2013-08-08 David LiaoMB-8581 Continue warmup after loading access_log. 38/28038/3
2013-08-08 Trond NorbyeCheck for the existence of the file before opening it 22/27922/2
2013-08-07 Chiyoung SeoMB-8012 Fix to unit test failures in set/add/del/WithMe... 98/27698/2
2013-07-29 Aliaksey KandratsenkaMB-8012: store deletion timestamp in correct byteorder 21/27721/2
2013-07-27 david liaoMB-8698: Fixed conditional check bug in warmup/loadingA... 85/27685/2
2013-07-24 Junyi XieMB-100 make ep-engine compile 21/27521/4
2013-07-22 Aaron MillerMB-8012 Store time of deletion in expiry field 27/27427/7
2013-07-22 Chiyoung SeoMB-8486 Create a new CAS for an item with corrupted... 76/27376/3
2013-07-15 Mike WiederholdMB-8600: Add all args to log message to prevent possibl...
2013-07-10 Trond NorbyeMB-8578: Add stats uuid
2013-07-09 abhinavdangetiMB-8244: Add dispatcher, worker thread stats
2013-06-26 Chiyoung SeoMB-8467 Reset notifySent flag upon vbucket filter changes.
2013-06-26 abhinavdangetiMB-8464: Fix crash in test_checkpoint_persistence
2013-06-25 Jin LimMB-8244 add currentTask to track currently executing...
2013-06-19 Phil LabeeCBD-963: empty commit to create 2.1.1 branch 2.1.1r
2013-06-12 Jin LimMB-8439 add decrDiskQueueSize method instead of underco...
2013-06-08 Jin LimMB-8415 change num_shards parameter to num_workers
2013-06-08 Chiyoung SeoMB-8413 Release CouchNotifier instances if not referenced
2013-06-08 Chiyoung SeoMB-8413 Release KVShard instances upon a bucket deletion.
2013-06-07 Mike WiederholdMB-8292: Switch engine onto snaphot stats add_stat...
2013-06-07 Chiyoung SeoMB-8418 Handle stats key exceptions according to memcac...
2013-06-05 Jin LimMB-8370 add WorkLoadPolicy class 2.1.0r
2013-06-04 Jin LimMB-8214 replace wake() with snooze()
2013-06-04 Jin LimMB-8214 remove unnecessary mutex notification
2013-06-04 Chiyoung SeoMB-7735: Fix to a race in notifying / releasing TAP...
2013-06-04 Phil Labee2.1.0 branch at build 2.0.2-824
2013-06-03 Mike WiederholdMB-8383: Add stats for returning meta operations
2013-06-02 Jin LimMB-8370 set number of writer to 1 when num_shard is 1
2013-05-31 Chiyoung SeoMB-8380 Update the vbucket flush stats after commit
2013-05-31 Jin LimMB-8214 & MB-8323 allocate iomanager threads per bucket
2013-05-31 Chiyoung SeoMB-8378 Clean up all the TAP connections within a destr...
2013-05-30 Chiyoung SeoMB-8259 Reflect checkpoint collasping impact on disk...
2013-05-29 Mike WiederholdMB-8214: Add xdcr conflict resolution to ep-engine 2.0.2r
2013-05-23 Chiyoung SeoMB-8066 Check checkpoint persistence completion after...